Vastu Consultation

Vastu is a science based on balancing the energies of Puncha-Bhutas (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky). It helps to live in harmony with nature and thereby, deriving the benefits for our day to day progress and well being. Conforming to principles of vastu at house, office & business place, brings mental piece and prosperity to the owner/occupier. It results in business growth and reduces chances of unwanted problems. It brings domestic bliss and strengthens love and harmony in family. Deviation from the principles of vastu, causes imbalance in the energies and can lead to financial distress, poverty, litigation, failed relationships, and health issues.

Dr. Atul performs Vastu Consultation for homes, office, and commercial buildings, for a happy personal and professional life. He has brought good luck in the homes/businesses of thousands of families, all over the world by providing simple Vastu solutions.

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