Puja and Prayers

Holy Mantra, Chanting and Hawans have been performed by Sages for thousands of years. Mahamritunjya mantra was performed by Sage Markandeya to avoid his destined death at the age of 12 years. Hindu Vedas mention the significance of mantra to gain worldly pleasures.

Dr. Atul AstroPandit performs different kinds of Pujas, Homan and Rituals depending on the Planets, energies and Aura. He is a spiritual healer and do Navagraha homan, Ganesh, Shiva, Durga, Vishnu, Laxmi, Kali Puja. He performs Pujas with full devotion and using recommended steps as per vedic scriptures. These pujas help keep you in harmony with cosmic forces and brings spiritual upliftment.

Dr. Atul AstroPandit recommends MANTRAS and YANTRAS to bring positivity and decrease negative impacts of bad planets.

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