Benefits / Significance of Puja

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Puja when performed with Vedic Principles and with sincere devotion towards God can remove all the negativity, bad energies and difficulties from your life. Pujas must be performed by following all the techniques, rituals, and rules mentioned in our Shastras. Pujas must be personalized for your needs and be directed towards your goals. Always include your Sankalp in the Puja. Pray to God with devotion for the fulfillment of your Sankalp or wish from the Puja. Strong and powerful mantras are included in the Puja. These mantras create vibrations that slowly change your energies and lead you towards the life you desire.

It is imperative in this world filled with negativity, to embrace the positivity of Pujas. A 5 minute prayer must be done every morning by all to start the day with positivity and God’s blessings. Bigger Puja rituals with Homams must be performed at least twice a year. These provide an additional benefit and stronger blessings, if they are performed on auspicious tithis (dates and timings). You can consult me for figuring out the most auspicious tithis (timings) for you, that would benefit you the most with your desired Wish (Sankalp) from the Puja.

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